Terms & Conditions
  • New customers may book on a course at any time and will pay only for the four weeks of the course.
  • All new customers must pay for the course prior to attending the first lesson.
  • Bookings are accepted by phone, and re-booking is preferred during re-booking week at the pool, however if for whatever reason this is not possible the re-booking over the phone is acceptable and payment via post will be requested.
  • Existing customers have priority over lessons and must rebook one week before the end of the current course to ensure their place is saved.  Failure to do this can result in the space being given to another participant.
  • Places are available on a first come first served basis.
  • Courses currently run over a four week period and are renewed two weeks before the end of the current course.
Refunds & Cancellation Policy
  • If you wish to cancel your course of swimming lessons we ask that you give us two weeks notice in writing.  If you fail to give us two weeks notice we reserve the right to charge you for two missed sessions.
  • This will be charged and an invoice will be sent to you and collection of outstanding monies will be enforced.
  • Duck and Dive Swim School is unable to refund or credit lessons which have been missed because of but not limited to illness, school, work, social commitments holidays transportation difficulties.
  • If a customer needs to cancel the remainder of a course for medical reasons, then a written letter and a doctor’s note will be required, a full refund minus one week will be provided.
  • If the swimming pool is unfit for lesson, or has been closed by the school, then lessons will be credited onto the next course.  However Duck and Dive Swim School is unable to give cash refunds.
  • Parents will be notified of a pool closure as early as possible by phone call, text, email or social media.
  • If a swimming instructor is absent and Duck and Dive cannot provide a replacement, then a lesson will be credited on to the next course.
  • Duck and Dive is not responsible if a customer is unable to find the swimming pool, arrives late or at the incorrect time for any lesson.
  • Credits/Refunds will not be given in retrospective circumstances.
  • If due to severe weather conditions we are not able to open please check the following:

Website: http://duckanddive.com or

Facebook: Duck and Dive Shipley

Privacy Notice

Duck and Dive is collecting your information to fulfil its contract with you.  Your information will be stored securely and will only be used by the staff and instructors employed by Duck and Dive to plan lessons, contact you to let you know of changes to lessons and to chase for payment if required.  Your information will not be given to any other individual or company.